5 lessons about scope, time, and budget

If you’ve visited me on Instagram you probably know that I just completed yet another home renovation. And with all the recent projects and my renewed love for interior design as well as graphic, it’s got me thinking about the ways that the various areas of design overlap. I’ve distilled them down to a core set of lessons, most of… »

Taking a client to small claims court

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my post about taking a client to small claims court. The case is closed, so now I can share all the gory details with you. Make sure to pay close attention to the warnings where I demonstrate where and how I fucked up and what you should definitely NOT do… »

Toolsday No. 003: SafeTrek

If you’ve opened the internet or turned on the TV even once recently, you’ve probably noticed that sexual assault allegations in Hollywood are multiplying on the daily. Accused men range from well-known actors to retired politicians and the list is continuing to grow. The sad news is that women (and men too) are at risk in many places and settings… »

Toolsday No. 002: Talky

Imagine being able to use a piece of software without having to sign up, have an account, or provide any personal information. I know, seems impossible in this day and age, right? Actually, wrong. Enter, Talky. Made by &yet, an independent software team in Washington State, Talky is everything Skpe and Google aren’t — totally simple and with no account or sign… »

Learning how to talk about your brand

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, your brand is not your logo. It’s an experience. There are a lot of elements that make up your brand, that when working together, help define it. Among them is your messaging; your words. Learning how to talk about your brand, in a way that your customers understand, is important. Words… »

Toolsday No. 001: Acuity Scheduling

Welcome to the first installment of Toolsdays, where I put my Shiny Object Syndrome to good use to bring you useful shit for both business and life! Now, before we dive in, I want to let you know that some of the Toolsday articles will include affiliate links, which I’ll always indicate at the top and bottom so it’s clear.… »

Ways to take action during the Trumpocalypse

For those of us who live in the states, it’s a weird, weird time. An ugly, unsettling, and in my opinion, a really NOT OKAY time. Many (myself included) are sorting out how to process what’s happening, both privately and publicly. I’ve seen the hate that’s being spewed, from the top to the bottom. Social media is no longer a… »

Gift ideas for your favorite swear bear

Christmas is just around the corner and while I am pretty out on obligatory gift giving, I know that many people love giving gifts this time of year. I love seeing people light up with glee when receiving gifts and am a firm believer in giving things that are practical and funny. Because let’s be real, this time of year… »