Sharing work without sharing a space

this post was written by myself + my work wife, Alison, of Tiny Blue Orange and was originally published on the Creative Class. Please note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. However, I only promote products and services I’ve tested and wholeheartedly believe in!  How to collaborate with… »

Don’t make your problems your customers’ problems

We all have problems. As your reading this, it’s likely you’re dealing with something right now. Maybe it’s big, maybe it’s small; we all have them. Have you ever worked with someone or purchased something from somebody who told you their problems without your asking? Did you ever take pause and wonder why they were telling you? Did you ever find yourself getting… »

Why running out of fucks is a good thing

I ran out of fucks recently and while at first I thought it would be temporary, I quite like living without them. Social media may lead you to believe that running out of fucks makes you insensitive. I disagree. Although usually presented in a funny way, social media gives the impression that those who have run out of fucks are… »

Surprise and delight your customers

Chances are, if you’re a service based professional, you’re looking for ways to surprise and delight your customers; little things you can do to enhance their experience. It’s not an easy task and much like the blogs you read, it’s likely been done before. What hasn’t been done before is the way YOU do it.  It’s not enough these days… »

What deficiencies does your brand scorecard reveal?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that Mr. Little and I are doing some remodeling. We’re making over our master bathroom, which has meant that I’ve been on the customer/purchasing side of things over the last few weeks, rather than the business or service provider side. From interviewing contractors to purchasing plumbing fittings and finishing materials, I’ve dealt with… »

Money talks; and sometimes it shouts

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Money talks’? It’s meant to indicate that money creates power and influence. And I suppose that’s true in some cases, be it right or wrong, but I’ve noticed something in the online entrepreneurial world lately that goes beyond money talking. Online, money is downright shouty. People left and right are openly talking about how much money they… »

Stop crowdsourcing your design feedback

If you’re not familiar, crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining services, ideas or feedback by soliciting large groups of people, particularly online communities. Before we dive in, I’m not saying that all crowdsourcing is bad. However, in order for it to be done well, and provide you with valuable feedback that’s actually usable, it needs to be done right. More importantly, it needs… »

Defining your brand begins with identifying your values

What do you think makes a business great, or a brand memorable? And how do you bring more YOU into your business? It’s more than just a killer logo or a fancy website. That stuff is just external fluff, like icing on a cake. And without the cake, the icing isn’t worth the sugar its made from. What helps make that logo… »

Take what you need, give what you can

In January of 2016 I attended the What If Conference. If you’ve clicked over and are looking at what that is now, it’s pretty nondescript, with lots of typical conference jargon. Not much to give you a clear picture of what it really offers or is about. My initial interest was peaked a couple years ago after I witnessed some… »