Hi, I’m Morgan and I’m a little creative…

a tiny human, strategic thinker, and designer of things.

Based in Encinitas, California, I’m an energetic, multi-passionate creative with a variety of experience across a wide range of industries who is pretty good at a lot of things. I’m passionate about saving time, optimizing productivity, creating meaningful connections, and finding that sweet spot between work and play where everyone thrives.

…Morgan shifted the way I approach my freelance career. She has a wealth of helpful industry resources (think contracts, pricing, website, apps, tools, etc.), a “No BS” approach to client relationships and a knack for digital organization! Morgan is an open book when it comes to her own experiences in business and, whether or not she realizes it, a damn good mentor.
Calling all Pushover Pams, Frazzled Fayes and (freelancing) dames in distress…don’t waste your time wondering —Morgan is your missing piece!
Cortney Wood, Alvarado Creative Co.

Lucy Darling teether packaging // a little creative

Proof, Meet Pudding.

Design is more than just pretty pictures. Even elephants can paint pretty pictures. Helping you tell your unique story and connect with your customers—not so much. That’s where I come in.


Vertically challenged though anything but small, I’m fluent in sarcasm, am a self proclaimed internet addict and have never met a potato I didn’t like. Fuck me, is it happy hour yet?