Hi, I’m Morgan.
I’m a little creative.

Quite literally.

According to the internet, I’m technically a dwarf. But my height may be the only thing about me that’s small. I’ve got a big mouth, a big personality, and lots of big ideas.

a little creative is a small but mighty graphic design studio specializing in identity, print, and packaging. Fun-loving in spirit and bullshit-free in execution, my focus is on creating design solutions that are both purpose-driven and goal-oriented. After all, design is more than just making pretty.

My design aesthetic is a clever mix of creative and analytical, I love details, digging deep with thought-provoking questions, and believe in design that is rooted in function as well as form. Dog crazy with a love of happy hours and all things carbohydrate, I’m passionate about helping clients create memorable brand experiences through design.

more than you care to know

Morgan Haines // a little creativeA former science nerd and recovering corporate desk jockey, I’ve spent my fair share of time in jobs I hated, being told what to think, and how to speak and act. But in 2010, following the sudden and unexpected death of a friend, I became painfully aware just how short life is. It was then that I decided to make my own happy, ditch corporate life for good, and create a little creative. Recognition of the brevity of life has been the greatest lesson in embracing who I am.

I talk too loud, and sometimes I snort when I laugh. I’m equally enthusiastic about all things good and bad, I’m a terrible driver (because of that whole dwarf thing), a sucker for bad dance movies and coming of age stories, and I like to sing about everything (not well, mind you).

While I admire all kinds of people from all sorts of places, those that share my values are with whom I fit best and can best serve. I’ve got five core values that guide the way I work and live. Want to see if they mesh with yours? Keep reading. Convinced I’m your gal? Take a look at how we can work together.

Thank you for understanding me and my brand, and for putting it all together in a way that not only makes me extremely happy but also catches the eye of my friends, shop owners, and consumers … because of your hard work, my product is having no problem getting noticed!
— Jessica Sapoznick, Marmalade Bakeshop
the high five
  • Connection

    I'm allergic to small talk and am more interested in forming deep connections with people. Small groups and intimate conversations are my jam, the kind that occur when people get vulnerable and let their guard down. We all have closets full of shit but it's in the struggle of clearing them that brings people together.

  • Happy

    Life doesn't wait for any of us to get started. As Ferris Bueller says, "Blink and you might miss it." I want to explore far away places, try new things, meet new people, and experience unbridled joy. My motto: treat every day like a party and find the fun in everything.

    Because laughter really is the best medicine. Unless, of course, you have diarrhea...

  • Honesty

    I am honest to a fault and willing to take a stand for what I believe. I do what I say, say what I do, and follow through on my word. I believe it's possible to have difficult conversations without argument and with me, there's no pulling punches. I'm a straight-shooter with a no-bullshit approach. A lovable hard-ass, if you will.

  • Time

    We live in a crazed world where hustling is cool and everyone is routinely over-scheduled and over-committed. Everyone's life is different, but their time is equally important. I live by a very simple rule: if you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're late; and if you're late, don't bother showing the fuck up.

    Moral of the story: I'm on time. I expect others to be as well.

  • Systems

    I am equally left-brained as I am right. While the work I do can be seen as creative in the end, it’s a very structured, systematic and methodical process that gets us there. I’m married to my calendar, and believe in having organized systems in place to help guide the process and allow everyone to focus on what they do best, stay abreast of what's happening, and reduce confusion in who's responsible for what.

a little more personal

I’m a SoCal girl from a sleepy little beach town just north of San Diego where I live and work with my family of boys, Mr. Little, and our devil dog, Logan. He’s an asshole. If you’re looking for a thoughtful and creative partner for your next design project but still need a little more convincing, take a peek at my work to see how I’ve helped others like you. Already certain I’m the one? Excellent. Let’s work together.

a little creative's asshole dog Logan

I believe that HAPPY HOUR is the BEST HOUR I celebrate NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY. because, POTATOES. I used to want to CHANGE my NAME to AMY my SPIRIT ANIMAL is a mix of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and PAULA DEEN I have an ALTER EGO named CARL