Hi, I’m Morgan.
I’m a little creative.

Quite literally.

According to the internet, I’m technically a dwarf. But my height may be the only thing about me that’s small. I’ve got a big mouth, a big personality, and lots of big ideas.

My design aesthetic is a clever mix of creative and analytical. Fun-loving in spirit and bullshit-free in execution, I love details, digging deep with thought-provoking questions, and believe good design is both purpose-driven and goal-oriented. Dog crazy with a love of happy hour and all things carbohydrate, I’m passionate about creating memorable brand experiences through design.

more than you care to know

Morgan Haines // a little creativeA former science nerd and current corporate desk jockey, my career has taken a bit of a winding path. I’ve worked for both large corporate entities as well as 10-person, mom and pop shops across a variety of industries. I also spent time as my own boss as a full time freelancer. I’ve been on all sides of the proverbial fence which has taught be how to be adaptable to just about any situation. And while the details of the physical work may change, it’s the culture of the organization that I find most important.

I talk too loud, and sometimes I snort when I laugh. I’m equally enthusiastic about all things good and bad, I’m a terrible driver (because of that whole dwarf thing), a sucker for bad dance movies and coming of age stories, and I like to sing about everything (not well, mind you).

I’ve got five core values that guide the way I work and live. I call them my High Five.

the high five
  • Connection

    I'm allergic to small talk and am more interested in forming deep connections with people. Small groups and intimate conversations are my jam, the kind that occur when people get vulnerable and let their guard down. We all have closets full of skeletons but it's in the process of clearing them where true connections are formed.

  • Happy

    Life doesn't wait for any of us to get started. As Ferris Bueller says, "Blink and you might miss it." I want to explore far away places, try new things, meet new people, and experience unbridled joy. My motto: treat every day like a party and find the fun in everything.

    Because laughter really is the best medicine. Unless, of course, you have diarrhea...

  • Honesty

    I am honest to a fault and willing to take a stand for what I believe. I do what I say, say what I do, and follow through on my word. I believe it's possible to have difficult conversations without argument and with me, there's no pulling punches. I'm a straight-shooter with a no-bullshit approach. A lovable hard-ass, if you will.

  • Time

    We live in a crazed world where hustling is cool and everyone is routinely over-scheduled and over-committed. Everyone's life is different, but their time is equally important. I live by a very simple rule: if you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're late; and if you're late, don't bother showing the up. With a few exceptions, of course.

    Moral of the story: I'm on time. I expect others to be as well.

  • Systems

    I am equally left-brained as I am right. While the work I do can be seen as creative in the end, it’s a very structured, systematic and methodical process that gets me there. I’m married to my calendar, and believe in having organized systems in place to help guide the process and allow everyone to focus on what they do best, stay abreast of what's happening, and reduce confusion in who's responsible for what.

a little creative, a whole lotta good

Design has the power to move people; and good design, even more so. It fosters trust, creates connection, and plays to our emotions. Done well, it can be magical. And let’s face it, everyone wants a little bit of magic.

It’s often the little things that are most memorable and can make the biggest impact. As the old saying goes, good things come in small packages and design is in the details. I practice creative problem solving and focus on design solutions that are both purpose-driven and goal-oriented. Anyone can make pretty. Pretty and functional, that’s something else entirely.

print and packaging work

Print + Packaging

Though often overlooked, there’s something really special about the tangible quality of print. See it, touch it, hear it, taste it, smell it; those are things you just can’t do online. Cleverly designed print materials can help engage customers in a unique way by creating an experience that’s palpable. Whether through uniquely crafted seamless boxes, or just some good old fashioned stationery, it pays to look good on paper.

identity work

Identity Design

A logo is often a customers’ first introduction to a brand. It functions much like the business’ greeting to the world; its big hello. It’s the single most distinguishable visual element of a brand and one of the first steps in creating it. It’s also the one chance at making a first impression, because you are how your audience sees you. A well-designed logo is one that is unique, memorable, timeless, and evokes emotion. It’s also one that tells a story. Once established, all the supporting visual elements easily fall into place.

web work

Web Graphics

Carrying a business’ brand across all mediums, with as many ways as there are to communicate these days, helps keep messaging cohesive, consistent and at the top of customers’ minds. Even if the business’ interactions are of the in-person kind, having a website is essential to success and one of the greatest and most powerful sales tools. From a business’ home on the web to email to all the various social media outlets, it’s essential to present the same experience across them all.

Logging into my email and finding designs just waiting to be opened, felt like Christmas morning. And when I first saw the work I thought, ‘Wow! She really gets me.’
— Jennifer Holliday, Holliday Health & Wellness