You : Me : Beer : 1 hour

A shit ton of ideas, answers to all (ok, most) of your questions, and a killer sense of direction.

Starting a business (product/venture/world domination) can be daunting. As is running one. You’re wearing a number of hats and trying to do a helluva lot with usually very little. You have a lot of questions, and a lot of ideas. But putting them all together and taking action on them, well that’s a different story.

A little outside help can go a long way and I’m a crafty MF when it comes to creative ideas for other people’s businesses. For some, the best ideas happen in the shower. For me, they happen at happy hour. Let’s have a drink and figure your shit out together.

Have no fear, help is here! 

Sometimes an extra pair of eyes, or an unbiased opinion, can propel you farther than you thought you could go alone. Many of us are too close to our own shit to really be objective about it and therefore, tend to create unnecessary roadblocks and obstacles for ourselves.

Whether you’re struggling to find the time and resources (not to mention the money) to execute all your business tasks, you’ve got a great idea and need a push to help you take it all the way, or you’re feeling out of touch with your brand and you’re not sure why, I can help. I am really good at seeing patterns of behavior and picking up on small cues that people are saying that they themselves fail to hear. I won’t coddle you in your indecision and I’m exceptionally resourceful at doing a lot with very little.

My consulting services are like a happy hour for your business and your brand. We’ll have a drink, talk about where you’re at, hash out your ideas and come up with some creative solutions together.


Who is Beer:30 for?

  • entrepreneurs who are jamming in their business but need help pushing their ideas farther
  • small business owners who know their strengths but need a push with ways to increase revenue
  • freelancers and entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of business-building who are overwhelmed by #allthethings and need tips on how to manage the day-to-day
  • freelancers who need some help with operational systems or ways to better manage their clients
  • business owners trying to DIY their brand identity (and failing miserably)
  • those with an existing brand who are feeling disconnected from it and aren’t sure why
  • business owners who need some creative ideas on how to expand their brand’s touchpoints
  • entrepreneurs who can’t afford to hire out their design and want some tips on how to DIY efficiently and successfully
  • entrepreneurs struggling to find and connect with their people
  • and … lovers of the drink, because it’s always happy hour somewhere


Why happy hour?

It’s a scientific fact that alcohol lowers inhibitions and allows you to do or say things you might otherwise not. For me, that means no stupid questions—anything is fair game. We all have that inner bitch critic that holds us back, creating unnecessary fear. Well, not here. Anything goes in Beer:30 and the dumber you think the question or idea is, the better. Those are usually the best questions with the biggest impact.


Can you relate?

  • I have an idea that I’d like to pursue, but I’m not sure how to structure it or exactly what to do with it.
  • I’m still working on that idea 2 years later…
  • I’m overwhelmed; by the information, the effort, the noise… Calgon, take me away!
  • I’m only one person, how the hell do I manage all these different roles?
  • I need to create some systems to make my business more efficient. But where to start…
  • I need a logo and a website, like noooooooow! (do you really?)
  • I’ve got a microscopic budget, how can I build my brand visuals and what does it really cost? (this is NOT a stupid question, but rather, an incredibly valid one that you should clearly understand why many designers get heated over)
  • Someone told me to tweet my design needs and ask for volunteers. Is this a good idea? (100% no)

Or maybe: 

  • Something feels like it’s missing, does this really convey my who I am and what I’m about?
  • I love my logo but my website doesn’t really match. I wish I knew how to create more consistency with the look of everything.
  • I’m suffering from some serious website shame, but I invested money into creating it and don’t want my investment to go to waste by scrapping the whole thing completely.
  • I feel like I’ve got a good look and nice site, why aren’t people aren’t buying?
  • I’ve changed my services, how can I convey that without overhauling my entire brand?

All of which typically results in:

  • fuck this shit, let’s eat bon bons and binge watch Netflix!
  • staying too long in a soul-sucking job you hate.
  • remaining stagnant in your business because you have umpteen unfinished ideas.
  • continuing to wear that itchy sweater of a brand that doesn’t fit and feels like shit to wear.


What do you get with Beer:30?

  • 60 min. Skype session (undivided attention focused ALL. ON. YOU.)
  • an outside, unbiased perspective to help you get shit done and propel you forward.
  • a designer’s eye to provide critical feedback on what you’ve got and how to improve it.
  • creative solutions that you may have never thought or heard of.
  • beer (you gotta supply your own—it’s virtual, remember).
  • an audio recording of our time together.
  • email follow up with recommended next steps.
  • clarity, direction, and quite possibly a new friend.


What does it cost?

  • $279, paid in full at the time of booking


So … we drinking or what?

“This is best 30 minutes I have spent on branding in the last year and a half. She gave me a comprehensive overview of our brand and online presence and had very insightful thoughts on what worked and what didn’t. She looked at every aspect of our brand, from our product cohesiveness to our visual style and our social media activity and pointed out inconsistencies that I would have never noticed on my own! 

I walked away with concrete, manageable action steps to improve our branding ideas to help us grow and refocus. It was an invaluable experience!”

– Sabahat Chaudhary, Magpie Cookshop

“I got even more than I expected, a fresh perspective on areas my site needed to improve — plus WHY they need to change. Morgan also made other marketing suggestions, which was SUPER awesome and helpful. I really like her approach compared to other marketing convos I’ve had and am excited to try some of these things out.”

– Carrie Geddie, Carrie Geddie Photography

The specifics

How do I get started?

Read the specifics, which outlines all the policies and terms. Click the button at the bottom to send me an email providing some info about where you’re stuck. I’ll get in touch with an invoice and to schedule.

How soon do I have to book my appointment?

Well if you need help, I’m guessing you need it right away. But if you don’t and you’re just planning ahead (go, you!), you’ll have 30 days in which to schedule your session.

What if I need to reschedule?

As long as your call is booked within 30 days of payment, no problem.

What do you use to conduct the session?

We’ll meet over video chat. If you prefer something else, lemme know.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are not available. Full payment is required upon booking.

Do you offer refunds?

If you decide you don’t need help, and cancel within 30 days of purchase, yes. If you book a spot, however, and fail to show up, refunds are not provided.

“This was totally worth the investment and provided me helpful tools to achieve goals I’ve had for myself for a while, as well as suggest other things I should be doing to help grow my business.”

– Christine Dammann, Christine Dammann Photography

After several candid conversations, Morgan shifted the way I approach my freelance career. She has a wealth of helpful industry resources (think contracts, pricing, website, apps, tools, etc.), a “No BS” approach to client relationships and a knack for digital organization! She is an open book when it comes to her own experiences in business and, whether or not she realizes it, a damn good mentor.

Calling all Pushover Pams, Frazzled Fayes and (freelancing) dames in distress…don’t waste your time wondering—Morgan is your missing piece!

– Cortney Wood, Alvarado Creative Co.

 Ready to get your drink on?

If you’re ready to stop the wheels on the bus from spinning and get moving in the right direction, let’s have a drink and come up with some solutions together.

Just click below and we’ll be on our way.