AFA logo

America for Animals

America for Animals (AFA) is a non-profit animal welfare organization that helps advocates connect, organize, participate, and make a difference in the lives of animals. A total sucker for all things furry and 4-legged, I reached out to AFA through Volunteer Match to see if there was a way I could help.

As an all volunteer organization, AFA is frequently pulling things together from multitudes of people and places on a shoestring. This has made it difficult to maintain a consistent brand presence and cohesive look and feel. They’re a relatively young organization with lots of energetic people and character and wanted their brand materials to present that consistently.

Using the existing AFA logo, I started by establishing some brand standards. This helped create a look and feel that represents them well and can be further expanded into new products and outlets, by anyone who works on the brand. All work for AFA is done pro bono and includes business stationery and a variety of event graphics for print and web.

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