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American Preclinical Services

American Preclinical Services (APS) is a state of the art, accredited, preclinical research organization located in Minneapolis, MN. They specialize¬†in medical device and pharmaceutical testing and it’s a special treat for me to work with them as I get to channel my former life as a science nerd.

As a rapidly growing business, APS had reached a point where their in-house DIY efforts were no longer cutting it. They needed better brand consistency as the staff continued to grow and services expanded. We started by developing a clear set of brand guidelines, which we then implemented across various pieces of collateral including technical information sheets, service catalogs, posters, and tradeshow displays.


  • APS business card // a little creative
  • APS catalog // a little creative
  • APS catalog // a little creative
  • APS poster // a little creative
  • APS job description // a little creative
  • APS tradeshow banner // a little creative