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Holliday Health + Wellness

Jen Holliday of Holliday Health + Wellness is a certified transformational and holistic health coach. With an emphasis on mindfulness, she helps people break through their limiting beliefs and self-imposed ‘shoulds’ to get what they really want in life, building confidence and peace of mind through her clients’ own inner wisdom.

Much like myself, Jen is committed to helping create and support sustainable change for her clients and I was thrilled when she contacted me to help her create an identity for her business.

Jen wanted something that was warm, relatable, trustworthy, and joyful. She also wanted it to be meaningful and representative of her mindfulness practice and her ability to hold space for others. The logo is built from a circle which is commonly used to represent unity and wholeness.

By nature of it’s shape, the circle has movement, allowing the eye to take a visual journey, much as Jen’s clients do with her. It also includes a cosmic mudra, a common hand position used in meditation and yoga practices, used to help bring attention inward and increase self-awareness. Paired with a mixture of typefaces, both whimsical and clean-lined, the overall logomark achieves all the goals and is a happy reminder for Jen of how she wants her clients to feel and the experience she wants to create for them.

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